The company implemented a full production cycle: from smelting primary aluminum to the production of extruded profiles, its anodizing ,painting and creating such coatings as gloss,decoral and chemical polish. To create different decorative effects additional equipment was put into operation for mechanical surface preparation such as inox, shot blasting ,mechanical polishing.

The company is equipped with machineries from leading manufacturer of Italy, Switzerland UK, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.

Total production capacity is:

Industrial territory -300,000 sq.m
30 Presses -over 100,000 tons per year
3 Paint lines-more than 35 000 tons per year.
4 Anodizing Lines- over 30 000 tons per year.
Lines can process the profile length 7.3 m inclusive.
4 Electrophoresis Lines- 10,000 tons per year
15 Decoral Lines-10,000 tons per year
2 Oxidized polishing production lines
4 wire drawing machines
6 sand blasting machines
6 mechanical polishing machines

Quality management

At all production plants of the company are developed, certified and successfully operates a quality System based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9000-2001.

For the production of aluminum profile our company uses only the primary high quality raw materials that meets international standards DIN 1725.